Find out how we can shake things up

In May 2014 Oliete began writing a new chapter in its history, titled “The new beginning”. Donors, farmers and people wanting to reinvent this novel with a happy ending. Find out how often the solution is hidden in the problem, the only thing that changes is the view.
In simplicity is success:
Recovery is Repopulate
It only takes a quick glance at the trend of the population in Oliete to see one of the great problems of Spain: The rural exodus of the young and the lack of opportunities for them."
The olive trees
The rural exodus has caused the neglect of the olive trees and the great work of maintaining and flourishing them.
Discover more in-depth what happens to the olive tree when it is neglected.
Everything depends on
the point of view
Where others see old and unproductive olive trees, we envision the engine of economic development that Oliete Oliete needs to survive. The platform is designed to retrieve and add value to more than 100,000 abandoned trees with your help, generating a sustainable economy with great social ramifications in a rural area. social in a village on the way out.
We make it happen
In a year´s work of activity, we have recovered 1.500 olive tress, generated two permanent and 6 part time jobs as well as engaged the ATADI. More than 250 people have come to visit their adopted olive trees, Oliete and the Iberian culture..
1.500 olive trees recovered, 8 work places,
-What about recovering 100.000?-
Join the challenge.
Recover an olive tree