History, Tradition, and solidarity

Phoenicians, Iberians, and Romans saw something in the mountains where the town now sits in Oliete, It called them to plant something immortal, something that would outlast them and their culture. Olive trees need to share their wisdom and feel the care of human’s to award him or her with their liquid gold.. Cultivation does not consist of only the planting and growing a tree without really tending to it. Otherwise it is destined to disappear. Why?
100,000 centenarian
olive trees neglected for more than 30 years.
The chitos
The great enemy of these ancient survivors, other than pests and drought, is neglect. On abandoned olive trees appear "ramos" -known also in the region of Teruel as "chitos" - branches growing from the base of the trunk, stealing resources that should be allocated to the tree itself and its fruit, the olive. Drowning without air or light, the tree descends into a bush, losing its sanity. It eventually dries up and dies.
We show you 8 differences
  • Poda / Eliminación restos de poda
  • Eliminación de chitos
  • Labranza del suelo
  • Cubierta espontanea
  • Fertilización del suelo
  • Abono foliar con purín de ortiga
  • Tratamiento ecológico plagas
  • Riego
Be part of the solution:
We recover the 100,000 olive trees abandoned in Oliete, Teruel, Spain. We needsupporters wanting to change the history ofOliete, a village on the way out.
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Together we can continue to recover the abandoned olive groves, conserve the biodiversity of the area, while generating a sustainable and social economy for the people of Oliete so that they can survive over time
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