New ways to stay in touch

In we aimed the impossible: To generate a unique bond between a supporter and an olive tree to create an adoption experience adapted to the 21st century.
An olive tree in your pocket
Our solution comes from new and updated technology, and for that we have two geniuses, whose veins flow with MBs, gigabytes, and creativity. They are Adrian and Pablo, co-founders of the project at the ages of 19 and 20. They’ve devised and developed the "MyOliveTree" application that enables the adopter to be linked to their specific tree.
Simple solutions, simply great!
Each olive tree has its own unique QR code that links to their sponsor. Any time the farmer performs work on the tree: he will scan this code with another one of our applications – “The Olive Grove" – then you will instantly get a notification with a status update of your tree, accompanied by a photo, sent to your device.
Adopt an olive tree