An icon of transformation
Après 4 ans de travail, depuis nous avons décidé de lancer une ligne éducative pour que les plus jeunes puissent obtenir une conscience rurale durable en matière d'environnement, d'alimentation durable et d'action sociale. Cela offre des garanties pour l'avenir dans notre travail de conservation et de récupération de notre patrimoine naturel.
Together towards a common goal
We have created the workshops in collaboration with our colleagues from Plant-for-the-Planet. Their great teaching methodology and passion for identifying those young people who from an early age show true passion for the environment and the conservation of rural areas, make us share objectives to develop together.
A 3-day workshop
An innovative 3-day workshop where young people will experiment and learn through play.

A day where they will become aware of the environmental effect of their daily actions through fun games and they will end the day planting and baptizing an olive tree in the "Educa" olive grove of
Responsible consumption:
They will spend the day in Oliete learning about our work of recovery of abandoned olive groves with our farmers, and will also visit their olive tree and the Triple S olive mill of
They will end the day knowing the importance of being responsible when buying a responsible product of proximity, ecological and quality.
Social Act:
Finally, once a year, we hold a workshop that brings together all the children to draw up an action plan on a social or environmental issue of their choice. It's time for action!
Free workshops for students
This year our goal is to get 300 students from Teruel to participate in our workshops Educate For them the workshop will be free of charge, as it is a funded activity by the LEADER cooperation Program.
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