Your personal creation

Drop by drop we fill each bottle of oil that will be sent to the adopters with a  socialsolidary and sustainable character undoubtedly making it special. Receive 2L of olive oil obtained from the recuperated olive trees as a recognition of your contribution. 
your best life insurance
Let's return to the origins of taste, to the pure and healthy. The neglect of the trees has something positive: the security of knowing that they have been chem-free for 30 years. Let's take advantage of that! Our farmers take care of the grove using the guide that the Aragonese Network of Land Custody  -of which we are part of - provides. This guarantees a product free of harmful elements and with a 100% original flavor

The typical olive from Aragon
The trees of the project are mostly of the Empeltre variety with a few being Arbequina. Both are the most iconic and eldest species in the community of Aragon. Easy to be recognized by its iconic jet black olive.
Adopt an olive tree