History, tradition and solidarity

Phoenicians, Iberians and Romans must have seen something in the mountains where the town Oliete is now located to decide to plant immortal olive trees. Olive trees need to share their wisdom and feel human care to award them with their golden liquid. Cultivation does not only consist of planting and letting the tree grow, without attention it is destined to disappear. Why?
30 years of neglect of 100.000 centenarian stories.
The chitos
The great enemy of these ancient survivors, other than pests and drought, is neglect. On abandoned olive trees appear branches -known also in the region of Teruel as "chitos" - growing from the base of the trunk, stealing resources that should be allocated to the tree itself and its fruit, the olive. Drowning without air or light, the tree will be transformed into a bush destined to eventually dry and die.
We show you 8 differences
  • Pruning / Removing pruning debris
  • Chitos removal
  • Soil tillage
  • Spontaneous cover
  • Soil fertilization
  • Leaf fertilization with nettle manure
  • Ecological pest treatment
  • Irrigation
Be part of the solution:
We recover 100.000 abandoned olive trees in Oliete, Teruel (Spain). We need supporters wanting to change the history of Oliete, a village at risk of disappearing.
Are you ready to change the world?
Together we can continue to recover the abandoned olive grove, preserve the biodiversity of the area while generating a sustainable and social economy for the people in Oliete so that they can survive in the long-term.
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