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In May 2014 Oliete began writing a new chapter in its history, they titled it. “El Renacer” (The Rebirth). Sponsors, farmers and a people eager to reinvent themselves, write this novel with a happy ending. Find out how the solution is often implicit in the problem, the only thing that changes is the point of view.
Simplicity is the key to success, to recover is to repopulate
Alberto Alfonso
Ideologist and co-founder of, of Olietano and Sayagüesa roots, the best of Aragón and Castilla, great lover of the rural environment, defender of the protection of nature and our environment. He has lived in the urban environment, in Barcelona and Madrid and has a deep knowledge of the rural environment and its idiosyncrasy. He loves his village, Oliete, and longs for the times when the village was full of vitality. He works at Telefónica and is a Telefónica volunteer, as well as a volunteer in, and any other entrepreneurial initiative that strikes his heart. Linkedin
José Alfredo Martín
Having spent a childhood closely linked to his parents' small village in Ávila and Cáceres, he has a tremendous affection for those days where the only thing that mattered was what time you ate lunch and dinner. The rest of the time he was a completely free being, even wild. Observing that this lifestyle was close to extinction made him react and join Alberto, Adrián, Sira and Pablo in thinking of a solution for a small village called Oliete, in a completely new area for him at that time, Teruel. Nowadays, he develops the coordination of projects and new business opportunities.
Sira Plana
Oliete, Alfocea, Laluenga, La Cañada de Benatanduz and even Durango say a lot about her roots, about who she is. Where her history, her heart and poetic memory were enriched during vacations and long summers that always seemed too short. In Oliete, eldest daughter of Doña Angelines and Don José, the veterinarian. In Alfocea, granddaughter of Apolonia and Manuel, tireless farmers... The rest, she will tell you proudly when you get to know each other discovering the olive grove and the mountains of Oliete. Sira® your non-artificial intelligence personal assistant at
Jaime was born in Venezuela and life brought him to Oliete looking for projects to finish his PhD in social economics, since then he fell in love with (and we fell in love with him). Jaime, among many other fascinating things, is in charge of the project Educa, which we carry out in the schools of the area and he is in charge of taking the photos of your olive tree. He will be in responsible for accompanying you on your visit to your olive tree and to show you the project when you come to Oliete..
Olietana mother who combines the care of her family with the project, she, like Sira, manages daily communication with the sponsors of the project.
Montserrat Valle
Born in Catalonia, Montse has lived in different places until she arrived in Oliete. After completing an employment workshop with and training in olive tree care, we managed to keep her talent thanks to the support of Reale Seguros in her recruitment.
Montse not only contributes to agriculture and the recovery of the olive trees, but also helps in the olive mill in the production of the products. So if you buy a bottle of Mi Olivo, the label of that bottle has been put by her hands. In her words: "Harvesting the olives is the hardest part for her, but certainly the most rewarding".
José Manuel (Coco)
Born in Oliete, Jose Manuel is our most versatile role, he works in the field taking care of the olive trees, but he recognizes that what he likes the most is to help his colleagues either in the field or in the olive mill.
Claudia Flores
Claudia was born in Argentina but life brought her to Oliete, where together with Montse she was trained in the employment workshop in olive tree management. Thanks to Reale's support we were able to add her skills in pruning and recovering olive trees to our daily work.
Marta Pascual
Born in the city, but with a small town soul. Always motivated by projects with triple impact, beautiful, full of nature and values. She is dedicated to organize the digital strategy and give voice to the project to reach more sponsors, and continue with the recovery of our beloved olive trees.
Ricardo, although he likes to be called "Ricky" by his friends, after more than 10 years in the Dominican Republic, returns to his home, Oliete. Looking for a new opportunity in the village and for his daughter to grow up sharing the same roots. Together with Noelia and Sira, he is in charge of answering all your questions, organizing your visits and experiences in Oliete.
Born in Oliete, David is a clear example of an Olietano who has achieved the stability of staying in his village thanks to the project. He is responsible for talking to all your olive trees on a daily basis and making sure that none of them lacks anything, providing them with all the necessary agricultural care.
Yadira comes from Honduras. She is one of the most versatile people in She is in the team of the olive mill preparing orders and is in charge of the management of the Casa del Padrino and the Casa Rural de Araceli so that everything is ready for your arrival.
Carlos Blanco
Carlos arrived with his family to bring joy to the village. He lives here with his four children and his wife. When he came here he didn't know anything about olive oil or olive trees. Today he is the master of the mill, and among his achievements is that in 2020 he won the prize for the best olive oil in Lower Aragon. He is also responsible for all the oil shipments we make.
Sonia is also from Oliete. We are delighted to have her on the cannery team. Together with the rest, she is in charge of the whole process from the moment the leeks and artichokes arrive at the cannery. They clean them, cook them over firewood with the remains of the olive tree trimmings and bottle them in extra virgin olive oil.
Pilar is from Oliete and is part of the cannery team. She prepares the best canned artichokes and leeks in a traditional way. Every time you enjoy a piece of the village, she will have been behind its elaboration. She is responsible for the elaboration of our delicious table olives and canned vegetables.
Víctor Vidal
Victor is the field technician. Having him with us allows us to improve processes for the care of the olive trees and the quality of its fruit, the olives. You will also see him in Diario de un Agricultor, in our Youtube channel, talking about field activities for the recovery of olive trees, among other topics.
Present, kindness and spontaneity hand in hand. She lives in the neighboring town of Alacón with her husband Juanjo. Both owned the old cannery in the town. And it is a pleasure to have her on the team because from her hands and those of her husband have come the recipes that we apply today in our canned products to maintain the tradition and that special flavor.
Empeltre, the spoiled mascot of the sponsors and the whole team of He is the true guardian of the mill. He has given us some trouble because he is a bit of a hooligan and gets into street fights.
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