We know this is complicated stuff, if you need help or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sponsors of this association refers to all physical and legal entities that in a free and voluntary way are interested in the development of the associations goals.

To become a sponsor the following information must be provided to the ASSOCIATIONby means of the website or through direct contact with the ASSOCIATION.

  1. Name and Surname(s).

  2. Personal e-mail.

  3. Address for the delivery of olive oil.

  4. Contact phone number.

  5. Annual donation of 60€ through any of the payment methods provided by the association (online payment, bank transfer, or payment in cash).

    Sponsor’s Rights

     The rights that correspond to the sponsor are the following: 

    1. Assignment of an olive tree.

    2. Naming of their olive tree.

    3. To receive updates on their olive tree and the association through the e-mail provided.

    4. To follow the status of their olive tree and the project.

    5. To visit their olive tree during one of the sponsor visits organized by the ASSOCIATION or at a time of their choosing with a notice at least two days prior to the e-mail [email protected] in case they want to be received by the members of the project for help locating their olive tree.

    6. To receive in March the following year 2L of oil in the address stated when signing up.(1)(2)(3)(4)

    7. To the yearly renovation and conservation of their olive tree. (5)(6)

    8. To the sending of the gift e-mail on the date selected by the gifter the indicated e-mail address.A enviar el mail del regalo en la fecha establecida por el regalador a la dirección indicada. The ASSOCIATION is not responsible for the e-mail being classified as spam or not being read by the receiver.

    9. To the protection of their personal data according to Spanish law and regulations.

    10. To receive fiscal information for tax deduction.

    11. To be informed about the composition of the of the governing and representative bodies of the asscoiation, it’s balance sheet and the development of it´s activity.

    (1) Given it is a project for the recovery of olive groves, that in an initial phase have a low or non-existent production, as well as this recovery being subject to unforeseeable meteorological conditions. In case that there is insufficient harvest or no harvest, the reception of the 2L of olive oil will be justifiably cancelled.

    (2) The association will inform at least 15 days after sending the oil, asking for confirmation in the donor's email of the address for the reception of the oil reward. In case of non-reading of the mail, change of address or absence not notified. The ASSOCIATION will not be responsible for the non-reception of the oil by the donor. The oil will be kept in Oliete for a period of 2 months in which the donor will be able to proceed to its withdrawal. After that time and if it has not been withdrawn by the donor, the ASSOCIATION will proceed to donate it to the food bank.

    (3) In case the ASSOCIATION is not provided with the shipping address, the ASSOCIATION is not responsible for the non-reception of the reward of 2 liters of oil. Proceeding with them in the same way as point (2)

    (4) In case of breakage of the bottles during transport, the sponsor will have the right to receive a replacement at no additional cost to them.

    (5) The sponsors will be informed through their registration email of the renewal of their donation. The notification will be given 15 days in advance. In case of not wishing to remain linked to the ASSOCIATION the sponsor will have to notify their cancellation by answering the e-mail received, calling the contact telephone number indicated on the website, or through email.

    (6) In the event that the automatic renewal through the bank card with which payment was made the previous year expires, the ASSOCIATION agrees to send an e-mail offering the renewal through a new card 15 days prior to the renewal date.


    1. Sharing of the goals of the Association and colaboration for their acheivement.