Oliete: Culture, nature, and good food.

The original and charming Mudejar bell tower has given it’s name and shadow throughout history to this small village in the province of Teruel. Oliete’s name is also closely related to the olive tree, the sound of the Aragonese accented inhabitants will greet you with their usual hospitality and undoubtedly the olive groves will captivate you.
Teruel exists
Oliete, located in Aragon (Spain), is the province of Teruel. More specifically in the region of Andorra-Sierra de Arcos; notable for its rich Iberian culture and whimsical eccentricities which have been shaped by nature.
What can you see?
singular wealth
A must-see highlight is the Iberian museum. For the more adventurous, take the route leading to the Iberian ruins highlighting: El Palomar and El Cabezo of San Pedro.
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Another wonder you cannot miss is the Sima de San Pedro, a stunning and unique cavern 100 meters wide and plummeting 100 meters straight into the earth ending in a tranquil pool. From this vantage point, there are breathtaking sunsets and views of hundreds of bird species that inhabit the place.
At the edge of the Oliete is the dam of Cueva Foradada, on the Martin River, offering many enjoyable afternoons and picnics.
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