Looking for an original gift? 

Make your gift different by filling it with commitment to the environment and our society.

For only 60€ gift the adoption of an olive tree includes: 
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The perfect gift:
be part of the solution 
Start to make a better place out of this world by gifting the experience of recuperating an abandoned centenary olive tree. Together we will be contributing to make a sustainable economy in the town of Oliete, Teruel, with the aim of avoiding its disappearance.
It all starts in the neglected olive grove 
Recuperate one of the 100.000 centenary olive trees neglected in the town of Oliete, Teruel. 
Find out how we do it. 

The magic of the olive tree in your smartphone
Follow the entire recuperation process through the App 'Mi Olivo', where you will receive pictures of your tree as well as the information of the project. 

A gift for the curious ones. The unfailing gift 
More than a visit, we create experiences 
We invite you to get to know your olive tree and the magic of Oliete in one of our sponsors' visits. A different weekend that will recharge your batteries.  
Like this, it tastes better 
Be the first one to taste the fruit of your solidarity, receiving home 2 Liters of the best extra virgin olive oil elaborated from the trees in recuperation process, a luxury at the hand of real heroes. 

Give it the final touch with the adoption certificate 
Ask us for the adoption certificate so that you can print it at home and give it in hand to the hero. That will be the cherry on the cake. 
Adopt an olive tree